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Weaning: Fed up of sticky labels


Weaning: Fed up of sticky labels
Friday, January 29, 2016

Apologies I have not blogged in so long. My precious blogging time has been diverted to getting my head around weaning, preparing purees and generally playing more as our little one sleeps less. This post will not apply to every one, however if you have decided to prepare purees at home in small batches as you are keen to try out lots of different vegetables and combinations then maybe read on. Evidently when you first start weaning, your baby will only eat a few spoons of food however its quite difficult or maybe tedious to only cook five peas at a time! As a result you may end up cooking a little bit extra and freezing the excess. The guidelines on freezing from books/the internet tell you to ensure you label the food compartments with the name of what you are freezing alongside a date of when you made it. I ended up only having to freeze maybe one or two compartments if I had too much puree for the day and found it laborious writing on small labels each time. So I have resorted in using my white board and honestly its brilliant. As you can see in the picture I replicated my freezer tray on the white board, with each section representing the individual compartments in the tray. It is easy to write on and once you have used an item you just wipe the board clean for that compartment. It saves you faffing with sticky labels that you may have to write on very small or cut very small to stick on the specific compartment section.

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