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The Night Time Feed: Take everything up with you


The Night Time Feed: Take everything up with you
Friday, August 28, 2015

We resorted to bottle-feeding soon after our baby was born. No one really discusses what to do when its night-time and you are facing around 3-4 feeds from when you head to bed around 9pm to when you come back downstairs around 9am the next day. My brother and sister in law created this process that I replicated and it worked very well. As part of your list of ‘things to buy soon after your baby is born,’ add to it a tray, a thermos and a plastic tub big enough to hold 3 bottles. Each evening before we headed upstairs we would prepare our tray with the tub of formula powder, a thermos full of boiled water (purchase a thermos with sufficient capacity for 3-4 feeds), and a plastic tub in which we stored air tight 3 bottles. Everything was to hand as soon as our baby awoke and needed feeding and saved us and the baby much anguish.

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