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Storage Downstairs: Save your energy for other things


Storage Downstairs: Save your energy for other things
Saturday, September 05, 2015

If you are in a house typically once you get up you will spend most of your time downstairs with your baby. So why don’t you help yourself and set up a base downstairs with everything you need to hand for changing and feeding etc. I cleared a couple of shelves in a cupboard we had in our dining room but similarly you could purchase a non expensive plastic set of drawers for you to store essentials such as nappies, cotton wool, nappy bags, muslins, change of clothes and anything else you need to save you having to run upstairs all the time. Check the cupboard each morning when you come down and restock it where needed. You will be grateful to have everything you need at hand. In a flat it is easier as you can get to the nursery with minimal effort where you have everything set up.

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