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Playtime: Try making some sensory boards


Playtime: Try making some sensory boards
Wednesday, October 07, 2015

What toys should you buy your baby at each stage? What things can you do with them to stimulate their mind and senses? This is what I'm constantly thinking about now my baby is ten weeks old, more alert and staying awake for longer in the day. I have gone down the path of thinking about baby sensory. Today was spent creating sensory boards for her. They are easy to make yourself. All you need is some cardboard and a trip down to a hardware store to pick up wallpaper samples. I chose a whole host of wallpapers with different textures. I assembled them on the cardboard in different shapes and levels to create my own sensory boards. They are fun as you have colour (sight), allow your baby to feel the different textures (touch) and you can even rub your finger across them to make different noises (sound). The world is your oyster in terms of the types of boards you create. Next I am going to get different lentils/rice and stick them to a board, painting over them to create a varied sensory board. Give it a try! Adds to the collection of things you can talk to your baby about. (It's also quite therapeutic for mums that maybe creative).

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