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Monkey Hat aka Children's Winter Balaclava


Monkey Hat aka Children's Winter Balaclava
Monday, October 10, 2016

With the winter months approaching, we all are hoping that our children do not fall ill. We send them off to nursery and school with the warmest jacket, gloves and scarves. Hats are essential however what I have found it that my little one just loves to pull it off. I resorted to one with a tie that goes under the chin however often spend half and hour running around the house trying to actually tie it up as she hates it. So I was luckily introduced to children's balaclavas. They are just perfect. They cannot be pulled off in a rush and they keep the head, ears and even mouth/nose covered. They are really a worthwhile buy. Remember to keep applying Mustela's facial balm too in winter months to keep their skin fully protected (see earlier post).

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