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Dinner Time: Try 6pm or otherwise 9pm


Dinner Time: Try 6pm or otherwise 9pm
Thursday, October 01, 2015

My sister in law told me of her time with her newborn boy where between 5pm and 7pm every night he was unsettled. The week my newborn moved from being a two week old to a three week old, each time I sat down for dinner she had been unsettled or had woken up. One evening I fed her at 6pm and had my dinner at 7pm but yet by 8.30pm she had needed a top up feed, had hiccups, needed a few nappy changes and was stirring in her basket. So lesson to learn for all mummies - plan to have your dinner early or much later if you would like to eat interruption free or more importantly eat your dinner without having to reheat it 3 times. 6pm is the more healthy option but whatever works for you. Dinner time won't be the same for a while!

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