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Coming Home Outfit: Wasn’t a priority


Coming Home Outfit: Wasn’t a priority
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When we left hospital, it was my husband, my new born daughter and myself. One midwife came to give us our paper work before we left, though no one was there to take pictures apart from myself. We left the hospital, got into the car and arrived home where we were greeted by our excited parents. Not at one point did anyone comment on what our newborn baby was wearing. The key focus was that we were home safe and well. So why invest in a coming home outfit? Why is it even a focus on the baby list? I bought one pack of white vests and one pack of white bodysuits for my baby’s hospital bag (knowing that I was having a girl). I didn’t buy a coming home outfit. When packing your hospital bag you should naturally account for needing a set of clothes for the day you are coming home. Just a thought if you are stuck on what your new baby will wear!

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