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Cold Water Steriliser: The way forward


Cold Water Steriliser: The way forward
Monday, August 17, 2015

I only had heard of the Milton cold water steriliser as it was a product my mother in law used when my husband and his siblings were born. What I fail to understand is why this great product is not more prominent on the steriliser section of websites. I remember at the time of looking for a cold water steriliser it was a shown on page 4 or 5 of websites. It should be on page one so more people know about it. So what is so good about cold water sterilising? You have the steriliser tub set up with 5 litres of cold water and you pop in one sterilising tablet. The water has to be changed once every 24 hours – that is great – set a reminder on your phone and change it each day. Each time you need a new bottle you can take it straight out of the cold water tub (as long as its been in there already for 15 minutes) and it is ready to use. Similarly as soon as you have finished with a bottle (or dummy, or electric/hand held pump parts), wash it with a bottle brush, warm water and soap and rinse – and its ready to get placed in the cold water tub. Further more when you are on the move and away from home you just need to take a sterilising tablet with you and then you are ready to sterilise your bottles so long as you have a container to hand you can fill with water. No more will your bottles line up in your kitchen ready to go in the steam sterliser. A great product and non evasive on your kitchen surface.

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