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Changing Mats: The ultimate one


Changing Mats: The ultimate one
Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changing mats will be on your newborn essentials list. Most of you may think just to have one in your nursery - for your cot top changer or for your changing table. We bought two in the end. One for upstairs for the night time and one for downstairs for the day time. It saved us from running up and down the stairs all day when we needed to change the little one. When looking for your changing mat, I would recommend considering the mat which I call the 'wedge'. It’s thicker in bulk and has a lip on both of the sides. The mat proved its worth when we found we could use it to change our baby, allow her (when she was very young) to lay on it when she was awake to play and also let her fall asleep on it. The extra thickness provided great comfort and a change from her moses basket. Another added bonus was that we used to take this changing mat with us when we went to friends and family's homes providing her a great place for our baby to be placed. (A note of caution - always keep an eye on your baby and do not leave unattended if placing them on a changing mat). The wedge - whilst more expensive than the flatter changing mats provided us a great multifunctional piece of baby equipment.

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