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Bamboo Muslins: Perfect for delicate skin


Bamboo Muslins: Perfect for delicate skin
Monday, August 31, 2015

When babies are born we read a lot about caring for their delicate skin. As such we don't bath them immediately and when we do we don't always immediately use products (personal choice). We also avoid baby wipes for a little while and use cotton wool and water to wipe their bottoms. However we use normal muslins to wipe their mouths once they have had their milk. My cousin's wife introduced us to bamboo Muslins 4 years ago and I'd have to say they are a great product.  Super soft, with the softness remaining even after washing them daily. They also hold up well if being tumbled dried. Baby's mouths are constantly being wiped due to dribbled milk or dribbled saliva. So why would you not try and protect this delicate skin too? I have tried to depict the softness of the bamboo Muslins in the blog picture. Can you tell which one is the bamboo one? Little Bamboo is the company I bought mine from. I wish I could share textures with you all over the web as there is a stark difference.

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