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Baby Grows: Don't get fooled by fancy ones


Baby Grows: Don't get fooled by fancy ones
Thursday, August 27, 2015

There are some oh so lovely baby grows out there and all the cute designs, stunning colours and patterns makes us look at the baby grows quite superficially ie without thinking what you need from a baby grow. For me it became clear over the first month of having my baby.

1) baby grows /body suits / all in ones are essential

2) baby grows with hands that fold over are essential for new borns and even my one month old - they constantly have their hands around their faces when not swaddled and they don't have a concept of controlling their hand motions yet. You will save your baby the anguish of scratching themselves and also not have to rely on scratch mits which can easily fall off (themselves or when you go to lift your baby, move your baby around)

3) Get baby grows with buttons down the middle - those ones with only buttons at the bottom and a few at the neck are really tough as your baby probably hates when you pull things over its head. The ones that have the poppers all the way down but only to one side are also hard when it comes to changing as one leg has to be manoeuvred much more.

4) Poppers better than buttons and zips - just think how long your baby spends sleeping especially as a new born, either on their back, front or side. This buttons and zips are often uncomfortable as they dig into your baby whilst they are lying down.

So the lesson I learnt is focus on purchasing baby grows like the one on the right of the blog picture. They still come in lots of colours, patterns and styles so you can keep you baby wardrobe exciting.

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