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When I fell pregnant at the age of 27 I was in a fortunate situation that all my siblings and cousins had already had their children. As such, I had a stream of people to speak with on their experiences with purchases they had made, products they had used and situations they had been in with their baby. I took their feedback and slowly started working through the ‘newborn essential lists’ (list of all the things you need to buy before you have a baby).
As a serial organiser, I embarked on my baby list research when I was only 3 months pregnant. In all honesty, I felt inundated looking at this list. Not only was it extremely long, I didn’t feel up for researching each item on the list to determine the best buy. I soon deconstructed the list into 1) essentials for when my baby is born, 2) things that will be useful to have though not needed on day 1 and 3) non essentials (I will share my deconstructed list in a separate post).
It was at this point that I first thought about starting this blog on practical tips for parenting but didn’t starting writing until 2 weeks after my baby daughter was born when already I had come across numerous situations where I needed to organise myself in a practical way – nothing that I had ever read about on other websites or newborn lists.
I wanted to share practical thoughts with parents that I had learnt from my experiences and through advice I had been given. I hope you enjoy the posts should any resonate with your own experiences or thought processes. These posts are written as another perspective and by no means do I want to preach what is right or wrong. Each of you as mothers, fathers and supporters will find your own way of doing things – but just think what is practical for you and your way of life.
Regards, Asha
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